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The Trapese Collective

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‘Kaleidoscopic, energetic and refreshingly full of practical details. Could become a cult classic.’ Robert Newman, comedien and novelist

‘A wonderful book. … I recommend it with enormous enthusiasm.’
John Holloway, author of Change the World Without Taking Power

‘Very thoughtful and sophisticated … helps you act and makes you think. Give it to everyone you know – and don’t leave yourself out either.’
Rebecca Solnit, author of Hope in the Dark

— A Radical Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Living —

Climate change, resource wars, privatisation, the growing gap between rich and poor, politicians that don’t listen…

Massive issues, but how can we make any difference? ‘Do It Yourself: A Handbook for Changing Our World’ shows how. It’s not a book about what’s wrong with the world, but a collection of dynamic ideas which explore how we can build radical and meaningful social change, ourselves, here and now.

The book weaves together analysis, stories and experiences. It combines in-depth analytical chapters followed by easy to follow ‘How to Guides’ with practical ideas for change. Taken together, these small steps can move us towards taking back control of our lives from governments and corporations.

Written and edited by activists and grassroots campaigners, Do It Yourself is part of a growing response from the global social justice movement. The book reflects on their experiences covering nine different areas:

 » Low impact living – reducing your energy consumption
 » Decision making – organising without leaders
 » Food – setting up and growing a community garden
 » Health – organising a health collective
 » Education – inspiring change through learning together
 » Alternative media – challenging the mainstream by creating your own media
 » Autonomous spaces – setting up and running a social centre
 » Cultural activism – unleashing creative potential
 » Direct action -building and maintaining effective campaigns

The Handbook for Changing Our World is the first book to be published by Pluto Press under the ground-breaking Creative Commons license allowing greater rights for non-commercial uses.

Trapese is a Popular Education collective based in the UK. Since 2004 they have been using participatory education to critically inform, inspire action and build sustainable alternatives to the current economic system.