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Roussopoulos, Dimitri

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Essays include a study of the anarchist thought of Paul Goodman by Woodcock; Chomsky on the many ways in which the political powers rewrite history: Bookchin on libertarian municipalism. Contributors include: Murray Bookchin, Chris Southcott, Jorgen Pedersen, J. Frank Harrison, George Woodcock, Cornelius Castoriadis, Noam Chomsky, Graham Baugh, Thomas W. Simon, Alice Wexler, Marsha Hewitt.Dimitrios Roussopoulos is an editor, writer and economist. He has written widely on international politics, democracy and social change. His most recent publications are Faith in Faithlessness: An Anthology of Atheism and The New Left: Legacy and Continuity.

Wexler’s article offers an acute portrait of Emma Goldman warts and all: her contradictions and inconsistencies, her strengths and passions. – Choice Magazine

To find Noam Chomsky, Murray Bookchin, George Woodcock, and Cornelius Castoriadis between the same covers is a rare treat indeed. Highly recommended. – Canadian Book Review Annual