895 days that changed the world

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Mount, Graeme

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Making extensive use of the Gerald Ford Presidential Library, both the archives and the museum, Mount examines the very documents produced by President Ford, members of his cabinet, and the White House staff and through that examination offers a window on the world between August 9th, 1974 and January 20th, 1977.A refreshingly candid picture of a dramatic two and one half year period in America’s history. From the highs to the lows, the authors are not afraid to praise and condemn. – Edelgard E. Mahant, York University

Graeme Mount’s books and articles are known for their rich detail and clear conclusions, and this work detailing Gerald Ford’s foreign policy is no exception … a thoughtful analysis by a person who understands the United States, but can also maintain a dispassionate perspective. – John Bratzel, Michigan State University

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: The Ford Administration and the “Special” U.S.-UK Relationship

Chapter 2: Canada joins the G-5

Chapter 3: Revolution in Portugal

Chapter 4: A failed détente with Cuba

Chapter 5: The Collapse of South Vietnam

Chapter 6: Consequences of the collapse of South Vietnam: Korea

Chapter 7: Consequences of the collapse of South Vietnam: Indonesia and East Timor

Chapter 8: Independence for Mozambique

Chapter 9: The Helsinki Accord of 1975

Chapter 10: The Death of Francisco Franco

Chapter 11: Ford and Kissinger visit China

Chapter 12: Reforms in the CIA

Chapter 13: Progress toward Peace in Panama

Chapter 14: Argentina enters a new Dark Age

Chapter 15: Turmoil in Cyprus and the Middle East


Graeme S. Mount, PhD, has taught at Laurentian University since 1969. Author of thirteen books, including Adventures Along Borders: Personal Reminiscences (Black Rose, 2008) and The Diplomacy of War: The Case of Korea (Black Rose, 2004), he has written extensively on U.S./Canada relations.

Mark Gauthier, who holds an MA in history from Laurentian University, has also written about Canadian-Cuban relations in the era of Diefenbaker and Kennedy.