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Chomsky, Noam

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In a new revised collection of the political writings of Noam Chomsky, Carlos-Peregrin Otero brings together some of the most outstanding reflections of the world-famous linguist. Many of these writings are offered to the general reader for the first time.

A broad range of subjects is covered with a view to alerting people about the problems humanity is facing, and possible solutions we can undertake.

What is particularly significant about this collection is that C.P. Otero lucidly presents an analysis and overview of Chomsky’s social and political philosophy. For the first time the roots of Chomsky’s politics are examined and the relationship to his theory of linguistics demonstrated.

Prof. Carlos-Peregrin Otero teaches linguistics at the University of California in Los Angeles.

Table of Contents

Editor’s Preliminary Note

Editor’s Note To The 2nd Revised Edition

List of Abbreviations

Introduction to Chomsky’s social theory by Carlos P. Otero

PART 1: In defense of the Third World

1. On the “National Interest”

2. Vietnam protest and the media

3. Cambodia: No holds barred

4. The cynical farce about Cambodia

5. The hidden war in East Timor

6. The Iranian-American conflict

7. Israel and the American intelligentsia

8. Outside of Israel “official history”

9. On the Middle East

10. The “North-South” conflict

11. The new Cold War

PART II: USA: Myth, reality, acracy

12. The Carter administration: Myth and reality

13. The secret terror organizations of the U.S. Government

14. Watergate: Small Potatoes

15. The Vietnam War: A monstrosity

16. The student revolt

17. The politicization of the university

18. Political prospects

19. Some tasks for the left

20. The new radicalism

21. The relevance of anarcho-syndicalism

22. Industrial self-management

EPILOGUE (1984): A Pressing Agenda

23. The danger of nuclear war and what we can do about it

24. Priorities for averting the holocaust

25. U.S. foreign policy

26. 1984: Orwell’s and ours